I like cookies.

Cookies are good.

Cookies are yummy.

They are also those little things that mean the internet works. So guess what? This site uses cookies. I’m not putting a load of legal crap here, but yes, cookies are in use. This website might download a tiny file to your computer and note you have been here.

If you are worried that people might track you have been here, it’s already too late. Yes, you can delete the cookies, but anyone who wants to know what sites you have visited can simply ask your internet provider.

Cookies are useful and only annoying at Christmas, on a shared PC, unless someone is doing something bad with them, and then they are bad (obviously). If you are bothered about cookies, remember to use the private or incognito mode on your browser, or if you are super paranoid then use TOR.

For this website, I only use WordPress and Google Analytics (hosted on NearlyFreeSpeeech). If you get any cookies it’s probably part of these tools. I don’t add anything. If you have any problems then let me know and I’ll look into it, but I figure that both of these providers are kind of standard and they’ll have super epic cookie policies, so if you are bothered then go and read their policies.

In the mean time, if you’ve got this far, send me a cookie 😉

Wait, don’t do that. I’m on a diet.